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Nov 16 2017


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Sunrise over Svenseid station

November sun rising over Svenseid station.

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Feb 02 2015

The sun is back…

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The “return of the sun” day is officially the 23rd of January but several days of overcast weather have kept the sun at bay. Today the living room was bathed in sunshine for the first time this year. Although we don’t suffer from the winter blues it is still a great moment when the sun returns to our home.

The sun just visible over the valley wall

The view, always different, always the same. Today: sunshine with a very faint corona.

Bright sunshine and dark shadows in the livingroom

Dazzle season is back… soon we will be pulling the curtains to keep out the light.

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Jan 12 2015

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…”

It is snowing like mad and it’s not as if we can do much about it. If King Canute had tried to stop the snow from doing its thing, instead of the sea, he would have ended up looking like a very large meringue. I’ve been out twice this evening moving snow around. Here I am doing my Banksy impersonation whilst clearing snow off the roof of the bike shed.

We'll be doing more of this in the next couple of days...

We’ll be doing more of this in the next couple of days…

It looks like it will be difficult to use the bike trailer to take Odd Egill to barnehage tomorrow. So the pulk has been taken out of storage readied for use.

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Jan 01 2015

First family outing with the pulk

Yesterday was our first family outing with the pulk. We were out of the house before nine and headed up to our favourite spot on Golsfjellet.

We were rewarded with a wonderful sunrise, bright oranges and reds in the east…

Sunrise with vivid colours on Golsfjellet

Sunrise on Golsfjellet

…and gentle pinks in the West.

Delicate pink shaded clouds sunrise over Golsfjellet

Sunrise over Golsfjellet

Damae took charge of the pulk which was nice of her. This was my first proper exercise in a couple of weeks so I needed to take things easy.

Damae pulling a pulk on Golsfjellet

Damae pulling Odd Egill in the pulk.

We threaded our way along the ski tracks towards “The Pole”. This is a signpost that stands at a junction of five prepared ski routes a couple of kilometres from Kvanhøgd turistsenter.

Damae pulling the pulk through a small wood.

Short of snow but plenty of sunshine.

The snow was actually ice and very slippery. It was a couple degrees above freezing when we left the car and warmed up for the the outward leg of our journey.

Damae heading towards Kamben on Golsfjellet

Sunshine and slippery ice.

We reached the pole as the sun started disappearing behind thin clouds. The breeze strengthened slightly making it feel colder than it actually was. We decided that it wasn’t a day to be sitting around drinking tea so we turned around and headed back to the car.

Damae heading back towards Kvanhøgd turistsenter

With the sun blocked by clouds the temperature started to drop.

Once back at Kvanhøgd we got the little man out of the pulk and into the Syncro and packed away our skis. We ate a bit of lunch and drank some tea before heading back down the hill to Gol.

We had a lovely tour despite the poor condition of the ski tracks. It was just fantastic to be sliding along on our skis again whilst taking in the views on Golsfjellet. We’d basically missed the previous skiing season entirely: by the time Odd Egill was old enough to go out in a pulk the snow had gone and our cycling season had started.

Odd Egill seemed to enjoy himself in the pulk in much the same way he likes being in his bike trailer. Which is good news!

More snow is forecast in the next few days. Fingers crossed, we might yet get few more family outings with the pulk before the cycling season starts in earnest.

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Jan 01 2015

Last blast from the fast disappearing past…

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Last sunset 2014

The last sunset of 2014


The last twilight sky of 2014


The last misty, moonlit night of 2014

Happy New Year from Stan, Damae and Odd Egill.


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Dec 24 2014

Season’s Greetings

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Whatever you choose to celebrate at this time of year, make sure you have a good one.

Decorated and standing outside. As toddler proof as things get :)

Decorated and standing outside. As toddler proof as things get :)

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